Schedule 5 Policies

Policies to be maintained in Designated Centres

In order to share resources the Quality and Standards Sub Committee has agreed to share some examples of policies that are to be maintained by service providers in designated centres under Schedule 5 of the Health Care Act. 

Policies made available by member organisations for information purposes only.  Please click on the links: 

1. The prevention, detection and response to abuse, including reporting of concerns and/or allegations of abuse to statutory agencies.
2. Admissions, including transfers, discharge and the temporary absence of residents.

3. Incidents where a resident goes missing.
4. Provision of personal intimate care.
5. Provision of behavioural support.   
6. The use of restrictive procedures and physical, chemical and environmental restraint.
7. Residents personal finances and possessions.

8. Communication with residents.
9. Visitors.
10. Recruitment, selection and Garda vetting of staff.
11. Staff training and development.
12. Monitoring and documentation of nutritional intake
13. Provision of information to residents.
14. The creation of, access to, retention of, maintenance of and destruction of records.
15. Health and safety, including food safety, of residents, staff and visitors.
16. Risk management and emergency planning.   
17. Medication management.
18. The handling and investigation of complaints from any person about any aspects of service, care, support and treatment provided in, or on behalf of a designated centre.
19. Education policy which complies with relevant legislation in respect of the education needs of children with disabilities (in centres where children reside). 
20. Access to education, training and development.
21. CCTV (in designated centres where CCTV systems are in use).

If you have any further examples of the following that you would be willing to share please email and we will post them on the National Federation website

Please note:
The documents submitted here have been generously made available by member organisations of the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies as a resource and aid.  These have been developed by each of the respective organisations in response to their unique vision, ethos and priorities and should be read as such.  They have been approved within that organisations structures and the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies does not recommend one policy over another but is facilitating member organisations to share resources.

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