Programme of work

The National Federation Secretariat support member organisations in the delivery of quality, person-centred services which seek to empower individuals to live a life of their choosing.  The National Federation’s Sub Committee on Quality and Standards is responsible for overseeing the implementation of strategic priority 2 of the Strategic Plan 2016–2019 -  “Consolidate our commitment to quality improvement and innovation”. 

Covid 19

  • Support member organisations in dealing with challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Contribute to the development of key guidance documents supporting service provision during the C-19 pandemic.
  • Sought access to the C-19 vaccine for all people with a disability as one of the initial groups to be prioritised.
  • Sought access to prioritised testing for Front line workers in the disability sector.
  • Address issues / matters as they arise for Service Providers in continuing to support people with a disability during the C-19 pandemic.

HIQA - Supporting our members in implementation of Regulations & Standards

  • Advocate for the implementation of the NDA Review of the Regulations for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities.
  • Seek to ensure that the HIQA registration / inspection process results in improved quality of life outcomes for adults and children in residential services.
  • Participate in the HIQA Service Providers Forum and raise issues arising for members as necessary.
  • Liaise with HIQA on key topics / themes and provide feedback on Guidance Documents developed.
  • Discuss the funding requirements of member organisations with the HSE arising from the implementation of compliance actions as required by HIQA.
  • Meet with Nursing Homes Ireland to discuss issues of mutual concern in relation to the implementation of the Regulations.
  • Liaise with the Department of Housing, Planning, Community, and Local Government in relation to the consultation process on the ‘Draft Code of Practice for Fire Safety in New and Existing Community Dwelling Houses’.  Ensure that the views of Federation members are taken on board in the finalisation of the Code of Practice.
  • Liaise with HIQA in relation to commencement of thematic inspections on Restrictive Practices. 

HSE Service Improvement Teams / Quality Improvement Division

  • Engage with the HSE Service Improvement Team. 
  • Liaise with the HSE Lead for Quality & Safety in relation to work underway to improve the quality of residential services with the following key themes: Leading for Improvement / Being person-centred / The delivery of safe, effective best practice care / Measuring and Learning for Improvement / Governing for quality and safety.
  • Liaise with the HSE on the design of a ‘Quality Framework’ for disability services. 

Health related Quality & Access Policies

Consider the Healthy Ireland Framework as it applies to people with an intellectual disability, in addition to the HSE Access Guidelines & Directorate on Health & Wellbeing, in order to determine how best people with an intellectual disability can benefit from and participate in framework initiatives.

Planning to meet future service needs

  • Support the work of the IDS-TILDA project.


Support the Quality & Standards Sub Committee

  • Through the work of the Quality & Standards Sub Committee we support member organisations in sharing information in relation to quality systems and the implementation of HIQA related Regulations / Standards.  
  • Support the implementation of the Work Plan of the Sub Committee.
  • Communicate outcomes with the wider Federation membership and relevant stakeholders.



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