Our Structure

 How we are Governed

Member Organisations:  We have 59 member organisations 
General Assembly:  Each member organisation is represented by 2 people from their organisation at the National Federation General Assembly which meets on a quarterly basis 
Areas Federation Committees:  There are 5 Area Federation Committees:

  • Dublin North-East Area Federation Committee;
  • Dublin Mid-Leinster Area Federation Committee;
  • Southern Area Federation Committee;
  • South-Eastern Area Federation Committee; and
  • Western Area Federation Committee.

Each Area Federation Committee is made up of representatives from member organisations in the area/region where they provide services.    

Board of Directors:  In accordance with the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies arranges for the election of its Board of Directors as follows:

Each Area Federation Committee has the power to elect two directors to the Board and which currently are as follows:

  • Dublin Mid Leinster: Joe Mason (Walk) & Breda O'Neill (St. Margaret's)
  • Dublin North East: Pat Reen (Prosper Group) & Natalya Jackson (Daughters of Charity Services)
  • Southern Area: Sean Abbott (COPE Foundation) & Marie Linehan (KPFA)
  • South East Area: Vincent O'Flynn (Carriglea) & Fiona O'Neill (WIDA)
  • Western Area: Breda Crehan Roche (Ability West) & Michael Hennessy (Brothers of Charity) 

The above Directors have the power to nominate up to 5 co-options, however, one must come from each of the following geographical areas: Dublin North East; Dublin Mid Leinster and Western Region.

The current co-options to the Board are as follows:

  • Dublin North East:             David Dunne (Acting) 
  • Dublin Mid Leinster:           Clare Dempsey (St. John of God Community Services)
  • Western Region:                Vacant Position
  • Ms. Gere Byrne                  Family Member Representative
  • Breda Crehan Roche:         Western Area Federation elected representative. 

The Board elects a Chairperson every two years.  Sean Abbott, Chief Executive of Cope Foundation is the current chair, elected in August 2019. The Board is responsible for the governance of the National Federation in accordance with its Articles of Association and directs the National Federation's work programme.  In terms of the financial management of the National Federation the Board has in place a Finance Sub-Committee to oversee this task. 

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