The Ageing Process in People with Learning Disability: A Comparison Study of People With and Without Down Syndrome

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Tierney, Edel

Department: Research Department, COPE Foundation

Key Words: Down Syndrome, Ageing, Cognitive Processes

Reported: In-house publication

Investigating Sexual Abuse: Findings of a 15-year longitudinal study

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): McCormack, B., Kavanagh, D., Caffrey, S. & Power, A.

Department: St. Michael's House, Dublin

Key Words: Abuse, Disability, Incidence

Journal: Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, Vol. 18, Part 3, P217 - 227

Person Focused Training: a model for delivering positive behavioural supports to people with challenging behaviours

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): McClean, B., Dench, C., Grey, I., Shanahan, S., Fitzsimons, E.Hendler, J., and Corrigan, M.

Department: St. John of God Hospitaller Services

Keywords: Person Focused Training, challenging behaviour, positive behavioural support

Journal: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 49 (5), pp. 340-352

A Model for Training Staff in Positive Behaviour Support

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Dench, C.

Department: St. John of God Hospitaller Services

Keywords: Staff Training, challenging behaviour, positive behaviour support

Reported: Learning Disability Review (Tizard, University of Kent), 10, 2, P24-30

The Actual and Aspirational Leisure Pursuits of Adults with Mild Learning Disabilities - A Psychological Approach

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Daly, L.

Department: Psychology Department, UCC

Keywords: Borderline / Mild Intellectual (Learning) Disability, Normalisation, Integration, Leisure, Social Needs, Stigma

Journal: Journal of Psychology (in press)

‘Same but Different’: Living in the Community with an Intellectual Disability. Social Policy and the Rights of a Person with an Intellectual Disability Living in Ireland.

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Jacintha Flynn

Department: University College Cork and Cope Foundation

Keywords: Independent Living, Equality of Rights, Research Methodologies, Social Work and Research

Survey of Registered Intellectual Disability Nurses’ interest in undertaking a Higher Diploma in Intellectual Disabilities Nursing. Unpublished Report.

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Sweeney, J., Abbott, S., Dalton, C & Tierney, E.

Department: University College Cork and COPE Foundation.

Keywords: Registered Intellectual Disability Nurse (RNID), Postgraduate Diploma, level of interest.

Reported: Sweeney, J & Dalton, C. (2007) Intellectual Disability nurses’ interest in undertaking postgraduate education. Learning Disability Practice, Mar 11 (2): 30-37.

What Price Hospitality- a survey of volunteer views of payment for hosting adults with ID on short breaks

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Des Hanrahan

Department: St. John of God North East Services, Drumcar, Dunleer, Co. Louth.

Keywords: Respite, Shared care, Short breaks, Host families, Volunteer, Payment, Expenses, Intellectual Disability, Learning Difficulty, Adults.

Reported: Paper presented at The 5th. International Respite Care Conference, Evry, Ile de France, 28th. September 2006, 2007, available at, http://www.accueil-temporaire. or from the author. A French translation is also available.

Companion article: Hanrahan, D. (2006) ‘From Volunteer to Professional Respite: An Emerging Trend in Short-break Services’, Frontline of Learning Disability. Issue 68: 29-30.

The Ennis more Lodge Study. An evaluation of the Quality of Life of People with Severe Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour, following a move from a Residential Unit to Group Homes in the Community

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Dalton, C & Williams, J.

Department: Cope Foundation

Keywords: Quality of Life; Challenging Behaviour; Group Homes

An exploration into the adult sibling relationships of individuals with learning disability with particular reference to autistic spectrum disorder

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Margaret P Sexton (O’Brien)

National Council for Special Education (Employer) and University of Birmingham(MEd Programme Dissertation)

Keywords: Autism, Sibling Relationhips, Adults, Learning Disability

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