The Ageing Process in People with Learning Disability: A Comparison Study of People With and Without Down Syndrome

Author(s): Tierney, Edel

Department: Research Department, COPE Foundation

Key Words: Down Syndrome, Ageing, Cognitive Processes

Reported: In-house publication

(31 Jul 2009)
Due to increasing life expectancy, adults with a learning disability and especially those with Down Syndrome are suffering from age related illness and conditions.  Failure to monitor health and functional abilities of ageing persons regularly with a battery of suitable tests over a lengthy period of time may lead to inadequate provision of services, and the inability of carers to meet changing needs and plan services adequately.  The objective of this study is to monitor and document the health status and abilities of a group of ageing individuals in a disability service in Cork.  Additionally it is proposed to compare the ageing patterns of clients with and without Down Syndrome.  This information will be crucial when designing and evaluating services for and in the future.

Contact:  Edel Tierney, COPE Foundation ;               021 4507131        ext 3342

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