The Ennis more Lodge Study. An evaluation of the Quality of Life of People with Severe Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour, following a move from a Residential Unit to Group Homes in the Community

Author(s): Dalton, C & Williams, J.

Department: Cope Foundation

Keywords: Quality of Life; Challenging Behaviour; Group Homes

(31 Jul 2009)
This study was undertaken to evaluate differences in behaviour and the overall quality of life of people with a severe intellectual disability (n=8), following a move from a large residential setting, to small group homes in the community. The group was followed over a two year period. Data was gathered over a two year period; prior to the move and at 6mths, 12 mths and 2 years post move. The design of this study is a quasi-experimental, within-subject design i.e. the comparison that is within the same group of clients’ the scores from each subject being related. Data was collected using 2 main assessment tools;

• The Adaptive Behavioural Scale- Residential and Community 2nd Edition (Nihira, K; Leland, H & Lambert, N, 1993)

• The Compass Quality of Life Tool (Cragg, R & Look, R, 1992)

• A third assessment tool, The BILD Life Experiences Checklist (Ager, 1998) was administered at 12mths and two years following the move
The assessments were completed through observation by the researchers and information obtained from staff. Overall the results for this group of eight clients are very encouraging and a positive significant change in the quality of life of these individuals is seen following their move to the small group homes setting. They have also shown notable changes in their levels of adaptive and maladaptive behaviours, which are seen to be continually improving since the move.

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