Person Focused Training: a model for delivering positive behavioural supports to people with challenging behaviours

Author(s): McClean, B., Dench, C., Grey, I., Shanahan, S., Fitzsimons, E.Hendler, J., and Corrigan, M.

Department: St. John of God Hospitaller Services

Keywords: Person Focused Training, challenging behaviour, positive behavioural support

Journal: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 49 (5), pp. 340-352

(31 Jul 2009)
Person Focused Training is introduced as a model of service delivery for people with severe challenging behaviour and intellectual disability. It is defined as a competency based training course in functional assessments and the design and implementation of positive behavioural support. Longitudinal outcome data are presented from 138 behaviour support plans developed by staff over a seven-year period. Results indicate that the implementation by staff of behaviour support plans are associated with significant improvement in 77% of cases at an average follow-up of 22 months after implementation of support plans. Large residential centres were associated with lower rates of behavioural improvement. It is argued that Person Focused training may represent an alternative to existing models, such as ‘special units’ or special teams’ in supporting individuals with challenging behaviours.

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