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Membership of the National Federation’s Operational Human Resources Group is open to all human resources personnel across National Federation member organisations.  The Group is chaired by Ms. Olive Leonard, Director of Human Resources, Muiriosa Foundation, and its primary role is to ensure that National Federation members are supported to tackle key human resource issues and address the human resources related provisions contained in relevant national policy documents / agreements.

The group concentrates on the overarching human resource issues facing the sector and addressing the human resources related proposals outlined in key national policy documents / action plans while also focusing on ‘day-to-day’ operational human resources issues.  The group aims to provide a forum through which issues can be discussed, information shared and positions developed in relation to key human resource matters.  The group is a key consultation forum within the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies through which members can debate and reach agreement on human resource policy related issues. 

Operational Human Resources Group:

The Operational Human Resources Group aims:

 (1)         To provide a communication and networking forum for Human Resource practitioners within National Federation member organisations whereby they can meet with colleagues, pursue HR objectives of common interest and share information concerning best practices regarding human resource management.

(2)         To gather and disseminate information in relation to key issues of relevance to member organisations and to provide support regarding human resource related developments.

(3)         To examine and furnish reports on relevant human resource related issues and legislation and to provide advice to member organisations through National Federation structures.

(4)         To provide a strategic decision making forum whereby common positions can be developed where this is considered beneficial.

(5)         To represent the views and interests of National Federation of Voluntary Bodies members at national level, in particular in relation to the management of industrial relations matters.

(6)         To liaise with the HSE and in particular with the HR Directorate, on human resource related issues.

(7)         To advise the Board of the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies on human resource issues.

(8)         To ensure that the intellectual disability sector is recognised, connected and has a voice at national level.

For further information on the work of the Human Resources Sub-Committee, please contact our Human Resource Training & Development Co-Ordinator, Jillian Sexton at 091-792316. 


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