An examination of the relationships between social skills, psychiatric comoribity and challenging behaviour in adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities

(01 Sep 2008)

Title: An examination of the relationships between social skills, psychiatric comoribity and challenging behaviour in adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities

Authors: Deirdre Hayes, Olive Healy and Jill Pollard

Organisation: KARE - Behaviour Support Team

Keywords: Challenging behaviour, psychiatric co-morbidity, social skills, learning disability, problem behaviours, social skill defecit.

Published: Research in Developmental Disabilities (Under submission)

Supporting Persons with Intellectual Disability and Advanced Dementia: Fusing the Horizons of Intellectual Disability, Dementia and Palliative Care.

(21 Aug 2008)

Authors: McCarron, M. Fahey-McCarthy, E. Connaire, K. McCallion

Organisation: School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, Center for Excellence in Aging Services, University at Albany, USA; St. Francis Hospice, Raheny

Keywords: Advanced Dementia, intellectual disability, staff, palliative care

Mindful parenting and care involvement of fathers of children with intellectual disabilities

(30 Jul 2008)

Authors: Elaine McDonald St. Michael’s House

The psychometric properties of the Attention Distractibility, Inhibition Excitation Classroom Assessment Scale (ADIECAS) in a sample of children with moderate and severe Intellectual Disabilities.

(30 Jul 2008)

Authors: Guerin, S., Buckley S., McEvoy J., Hillery J., Dodd P.

Keywords: Attention deficit disorder, moderate and severe, psychometric.

Published: Research in Developmental Disabilities, 30, 2009, p727 - 734

Study of Complicated Grief symptoms in people with Intellectual Disabilities

(30 Jul 2008)

Authors: Dodd P., Guerin S., McEvoy J., Buckley S.,Tyrrell J., Hillery J., A

Keywords: bereavement • complicated grief • intellectual disabilities

“What the Future Holds” A Template for Families engaging in Permanency Planning that Spans the Quality of Life Domains

(30 Jul 2008)

Author(s): Conliffe, C. & O’Grady, K.

Departments: Institute of Counselling and Personal Development, Belfast and Psychology Department, Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary / Muiriosa Foundation

Keywords: Permanency Planning, Quality of Life, Aging, Family Carers of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Reported: Published in Journal of Gerontology Social Work; Vol37; 3/4 2002 and in Frontline June 2003 and in IASSID World Congress Papers; Seattle, 2000 & Montpellier, 2004

Evaluation of a Manual Handling Training Programme in a Healthcare Setting.

(30 Jul 2008)

Author(s): Colvin, F.

Department: Education, Training and Development Department Stewarts Hospital Services LTD Palmerstown, Dublin 20

Keywords: Manual Handling, Evaluation, Kirkpatrick Framework Model, Organisational Manual Handling Training Programme

Organisational Induction Programme

(30 Jul 2008)

Author(s): Dignan, F.

Department: Education, Training and Development Department, Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd., Palmerstown, Dublin 20.

Keywords: Induction Programme, Induction, Intellectual Disability & Organisational Training.

‘Gradual Spiritual Formation’ Postcolonial Mental Handicap Nursing in Ireland 1919-70

(30 Jul 2008)

Author(s): Sweeney, J. F.

Department: Institute of Health and Social Care Research, University of Salford, UK

Keywords: History, intellectual disability , nursing education

Reported: Sweeney, J. & Mitchell, D. A Challenge to Nursing: An Historical Review of Intellectual Disability Nursing in the UK and Ireland Journal of Clinical Nursing 2009 (In press)

Sweeney, J.F. Historical research: examining documentary sources. Nurse Researcher 2005 12 (3): 61-73

Sweeney, J.F. The historical development of the RMHN qualification in Ireland: 1919-1958. Irish Nurse 2003 Dec 6 (4): 31-33

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