Organisational Induction Programme

Author(s): Dignan, F.

Department: Education, Training and Development Department, Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd., Palmerstown, Dublin 20.

Keywords: Induction Programme, Induction, Intellectual Disability & Organisational Training.

(30 Jul 2008)

The organisational induction programme for new recruits entering employment in Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd. is mandatory. The induction programme consists of a two-day overview of the organisation, and two training programmes. One day in Safe Manual Handling training and two days in Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM Programme.
Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd. provides care for service users in the area an intellectual and physical disability
The focus of this study is to evaluate the organisational induction programme that is set within the healthcare sector. Evaluation of the programme will explore if knowledge and skills learned are transferred to the work environment as a result of training.
A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was undertaken through semi-structured interviews. One hundred (total population) took part in Stewarts Hospital Services Ltd’s organisational induction programme. From this population twenty percent or twenty participants were randomly selected using simple random sampling.

The results of the data concluded that participants had increased knowledge and skills by attending the organisational induction programme and further had transferred the knowledge and skills to their work environment.

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