Speech-Language Therapy Service Delivery for Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Republic of Ireland: comparative perspectives of parents, Speech-Language Therapists and Organisations.

(31 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Marinet Janse van Vuren

Department: University of Cape Town, South Africa

Keywords: Neureophysiology, Intellectual Disabilities, Respiratory Care

Presented:Dissertation in fulfilment of the requirements of the MSc degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Use of respite care and coping strategies among Irish families of children with intellectual disabilities

(30 Jul 2009)

Elaine MacDonald - St Michael's House

Published: British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 35, 62-68

Bereavement and People with Intellectual Disabilities

(30 Jul 2009)

Dodd P.

Published: M.D. Thesis, TCD

Keywords: Bereavement • intellectual disability

Self Injurious behaviour

(30 Jul 2009)

Hillery J., Dodd P.

Published: Psychiatric and Behaviour Disorders in Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation, United Kingdom, C.U.P., 2007, pp225 - 238,

Mental Health Services for people with Intellectual Disabilities: A time for change?

(30 Jul 2009)

Garvey R., Dodd P.

Published: Irish Psychiatrist, 8, (1), 2007, p23 – 25

Keywords: Mental Health Services • Intellectual Disability • Service Provision

Congenital Developmental Disabilities

(30 Jul 2009)

Ryan K,. Dodd P., McQuillan R.

Published: Palliative Medicine, 1st. Edition, USA, Elsevier, 2007 and Congenital Developmental Disabilities in, editor(s)D. Walsh et al. , Palliative Medicine, 1st. Edition, USA, Elsevier, 2007, [Ryan K,. Dodd P., McQuillan R.]

Psychopathology in older age

(30 Jul 2009)

Tyrrell J., Dodd P.

Reported: Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and the Aging Process, United Kingdom, Blackwell Publishing, 2003, pp22 - 37

Keywords: psychopathology; old age; psychiatric disorders; psychiatric assessment; mental health

Breast screening for women with intellectual disabilities: An exploratory descriptive survey conducted to identify practices of screening for Breast cancer

(30 Jul 2009)

Ann Lalor - MA – Master of Science in Nursing

Keywords: Intellectual Disabilities • Breast Screening

An Assessment of Pharmaceutical Care Needs of Service Users with Severe or Profound Intellectual Disabilities at St. Michael’s House North

(30 Jul 2009)

Chin Nee Foo

Thesis – Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Licence Examination

Keywords: Intellectual Disabilities • Leisure Participation • Supports • Independent Living

Screening for Dementia: A Baseline Assessment of functioning in a group of adult service users from Brothers of Charity Limerick

(29 Jul 2009)

Author(s): Flynn, E.

Department: Department of Psychology, Brothers of Charity Services, Bawnmore, Limerick

Keywords: Intellectual Disability, Dementia, Baseline Screening

Reported: Ongoing research within the Organisation - Unpublished manuscript

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