Mental Health Services for people with Intellectual Disabilities: A time for change?

Garvey R., Dodd P.

Published: Irish Psychiatrist, 8, (1), 2007, p23 – 25

Keywords: Mental Health Services • Intellectual Disability • Service Provision

(30 Jul 2009)

To date, the development of mental health services for people with intellectual disabilities has suffered from a lack of vision, an absence of government policy, and a lack of clarity in the responsibility for service provision. Recently the government has agreed a framework for the development of these services as described specifically in ‘Vision for Change’ (Department of Health and Children, 2006) and the Health Service Executive (H.S.E). has further refined and clarified future service development in its report of the Service Planning Forum (H.S.E., 2006). In addition, the Mental Health Act (2001) describes specific provisions for people with intellectual disabilities who present with severe mental illness or behavioural problems.

The scene seems to be set for the development of services.

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