Research Strategy 2008-2013

In August 2008, the National Federation published its first Research Strategy which sets out a vision for the research activities of the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies for the next six years (2008-2013). The strategy aims to develop a positive environment of discovery and learning which will help people with intellectual disabilities, their families, the wider community, service managers, front-line staff, policy makers and researchers determine what is good practice.

Research Priorities 2008-2013

1. Define the priority areas for research as identified through consultation with people who use services, Chief Executive Officers of organisations, management and frontline staff.
2. Identify a list of key designated experts in the Irish research community who will support the dissemination of research and assessment materials in these areas. These key experts will provide expert knowledge on these topics thus enhancing the knowledge base among members
3. Develop quality indicators for research in intellectual disability and guidelines for evidence based practices.
4. Measure performance of research activities
5. Identify key people who may be called upon to act as associate members of the National Federation Research Sub-Committee as need and circumstances arise.
6. Develop research partnerships/collaborations with national and international research centres
7. Develop a capacity to advise on how research could be funded in the future.
8. Develop a register of disability stakeholders. This will consist of organisations, governments departments, statutory and non-statutory bodies, people with disabilities and family members. You can sign on to the Register of Disability Stakeholders here.
9. Continue to develop a register/database of intellectual disability research as per National Federation of Voluntary Bodies website.
10. Develop a National Research Ethics Committee with key national representation.
11. Continue to consult with and listen to people who use the services through research initiatives such as the Inclusive Research Network and continue to develop experience and expertise in participatory research methodologies
12. Regularly review the research strategy.

An action plan was developed to achieve each of these Priorities in the timeframe 2008-2013.

Our action plans are outlined in the Research Strategy 2008-2013.

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