Survey of Registered Intellectual Disability Nurses’ interest in undertaking a Higher Diploma in Intellectual Disabilities Nursing. Unpublished Report.

Author(s): Sweeney, J., Abbott, S., Dalton, C & Tierney, E.

Department: University College Cork and COPE Foundation.

Keywords: Registered Intellectual Disability Nurse (RNID), Postgraduate Diploma, level of interest.

Reported: Sweeney, J & Dalton, C. (2007) Intellectual Disability nurses’ interest in undertaking postgraduate education. Learning Disability Practice, Mar 11 (2): 30-37.

(31 Jul 2009)
A 19-item questionnaire was designed to assess the level of interest of Registered Intellectual Disability Nurses (RNID) in undertaking a discipline specific postgraduate diploma in nursing, and to identify specialist modules which should be included if such a diploma were offered. The level of support service managers would provide for nurses undertaking such a higher diploma was also explored.
Method: Postal questionnaires (N=500) were sent to Directors of Nursing or Chief Executive Officers of Health Service Providers in the South of Ireland, for distribution to RNIDs within their services.
Results: The results of the questionnaire indicate that there is a high degree of interest amongst RNIDs in undertaking a postgraduate diploma. The results also indicated a high level of support from employers, in the form of funding and time off for nurses who expressed an interest in undertaking postgraduate education. Management of Behaviour, Interpersonal Relationships & Counseling, Dual Diagnosis and Community Nursing were modules for which there was the highest reported level of demand. A total of 23 other modules were requested by respondents, in addition to the 15 modules listed in the questionnaire.
Conclusion: There is a high degree of interest amongst RNIDs in undertaking a postgraduate diploma. The wide variety of modules requested by respondents reflects the diverse role of the RNID in the Irish Health Care System.

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