Sibshops: An Evaluation of An Interagency Model

Author(s): D’Arcy, F., Flynn, J., McCarthy, Y. and Tierney, E.

Department: An Interagency Project carried out between COPE Foundation, Brothers of Charity Cork and Enable Ireland Cork

Key Words: Siblings, Sibshops, Evaluation, Interagency, Interviews

Reported: D’Arcy, F., Flynn, J., McCarthy, Y., O’Connor, C. & Tierney, E. (2005) Sibshops: An evaluation of an Interagency model. Journal of intellectual Disabilities, 9(1),1-

(29 Jul 2002)

The Cork Sibshops programme is based on the model developed by Don Meyer, Director of the Sibling Support Project, Seattle, Washington and has been running since 1998. Sibshops are run on a group-work model, where a group of siblings (usually aged between 8-14 years) come together to share information about their brothers and sisters with disabilities and to have fun. To evaluate the Sibshops, interviews were conducted with eighteen children prior to attending the Sibshops and five months later. Quantitative and qualitative data were extracted from the semi-structured interviews and analysed using SPSS and content analysis. The Piers Harris Children’s Self Concept Scale was also administered pre and post Sibshop attendance. These findings are discussed.

Recommendations are made to enhance practice with regard to organisation of Sibshops, the content of Sibshops, staffing and structure of the programme, and how to maintain effective inter-agency links.

Contact:  Edel Tierney, COPE Foundation  Telephone: 021 4507131 ext 3342

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