Service Coordination: An improved approach to individual planning

Author(s): Dench, C, St. John of God Hospitaller Services

Key Words: Service coordination, service coordinator, person-centred planning

Reported: Frontline, Volume 48, Part/Number 3, pages 25 - 26

(29 Jul 2009)
Service coordination is a process designed to facilitate all aspects of a service user’s life – home, work or school, health, and leisure. It is based on person-centred planning; that is, designing and coordinating a service based on the individual’s needs and goals. Service co-ordination is a long-term process, continual changing and sensitive to the needs of Individuals with disabilities and their families.

To meet this need, a new service function has been developed, that of service coordination, and subsequently a new health professional, the service coordinator. The introduction of service coordination represents long-term support to produce relevant integrated services for people with disabilities. It is essential to facilitate individuals to shape their support systems and service with a subsequent improvement in lifestyle.

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