Research Projects Undertaken By IRN Researchers

Sandra Corr - "Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities"

One IRN Researcher, Sandra Corr, presented her research and findings to the sixty people present on: 'Attitdues towards People with Disabilities'

Sandra had put a lot of work into the project sticking to all the guidelines she had learned through the IRN in relation to focus groups and ethics and presenting results.

View the presentation Sandra gave in June.Sandra Corr's presentation cover page

Clare Inclusive Research Group Presents Their Work So Far

The group from Clare presented everyone with the types of work they have been carrying out including:

  • Travel Research
  • Relationships Research
  • Independent Living Research

The presentation they made can be viewed on their webpage about the day

The Drama

They performed an amazing drama for the meeting in which they highlighted the problems facing people with intellectual disabilities when they want to leave home and when they want to have a relationship.  There were guards, social workers and family members taking control of the person's life without giving the person any voice of their own.

The Film

A DVD was shown after the barbeque about independent living and how Larry O'Bryan

and Kathleen O'Leary have found this change.  There was huge interest in the film and in its message.  The film will be available on the Brothers of Charity Clare  website soon.

Steve and Edel's Presentation

Steve Curtis and Edel Tierney presented the 'story so far' to the IRN members in June. 

  • They spoke of the different things we have learned so far.
  • The different people we have met.
  • The applications we can make with what we have learned
  • And also spoke about moving on from where we are now to carrying out a National Survey on 'Where We Live'

Download their presentation to see what items and topics were discussed.Steve and Edel's presentation

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