Pre-Budget Submission 2023

(12 Sep 2022)

the National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers Supporting People with Intellectual Disability (National Federation) is the national umbrella organisation of not-for-profit organisations providing direct supports and services to people with intellectual disability in Ireland (see Across 54 organisations, our members support approximately 26,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, providing services and supports throughout their lifespan, including home supports.

We have published the National Federation’s pre-budget submission for 2023, which you can access here: 

National Federation pre-Budget Submission 2023 

In our submission we focus on the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, and how the resources and staffing that they require to access these rights - to live and be included in community life as equal citizens as envisaged in Article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, are interdependent.

Following extensive consultation we have focused on three key asks that would make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities-

  • Investment to address the needs outlined in the Disability Capacity Review. (For instance, our research shows that there are now over 1500 people with ID living with primary carers who themselves are over 70 years of age, approximately 485 of whom are over 80. (Up from 1250 reported in 2019). We believe a targeted approach in Budget 2023 to meeting these particular needs is urgently required)
  • The establishment of a Workforce Planning Group for Disability Services (to address pressing recruitment and retention challenges affecting service delivery across disability services)
  • €20million to allow S39 intellectual disability services to bridge the pay gap which is causing immediate risk to service provision.  Section 39 services have outlined significant risks to the safety and stability of the delivery of frontline services due to the flight of staffing from their organisations, caused by the pay differential between Section 39 vs Section 38 and HSE-funded services carrying out precisely the same role. The €20million figure is required to bridge the current gap, and would need to be indexed to Section 38/HSE figures to be effective into the future - for instance if the 6.5% proposed pay uplift for public sector workers is progressed.

People with intellectual disabilities and their families cannot wait any longer for essential supports. 

We are calling on Government to focus on Rights, Resources and Staffing in Budget 2023 to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities are not left behind. 

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