Public Awareness Campaign: Safeguarding Ireland, Oct 15-26

(12 Oct 2018)

A public awareness campaign on ‘Planning Ahead & Public Understanding of Safeguarding’ will commence on Monday next, October 15th and will run for two weeks - October 15-27th 2018.

The campaign is being led by Safeguarding Ireland (formerly the National Safeguarding Committee),

As a member organisation, here are the campaign materials and suggestions on how you can contribute to the success of the campaign.


The new Safeguarding Ireland website has gone live at (Please consider adding as a link, or button on your website as appropriate.)

Campaign materials are in the PUBLIC AWARENESS section including links to the posters, the radio ads and other relevant materials. The news release and Red C research will be added on Sunday.


The campaign news release is being issued on Sunday for Monday’s media. A final version (EMBARGOED for Monday) is attached for your reference.


Safeguarding Ireland’s social media accounts have changed to reflect the organisation’s new name. The contents of the former National Safeguarding Committee accounts have been incorporated into the new accounts and the details are now: Twitter – @safeguardingire and Facebook – @safeguardingire.


Note approximately 900 radio ads covering national (RTE and Newstalk) and local radio (21 stations) will run for two weeks from next Monday.


This campaign is to ‘kick off’ ongoing public awareness work on safeguarding for the coming nine months, in which time there will be ongoing opportunities to develop understanding of safeguarding, what is being done and what needs to be done. 


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