Evaluation of the Three-Day Training Course ‘Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviour’

Author(s): Tierney, E., Quinlan, D. & Browne, S.

Department: Research Department and Nursing Department, COPE Foundation

(29 Jul 2009)
The objective of this study was to evaluate a three-day training course entitled ‘Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviour’.  The impact of training on participants’ attributions about and emotional reactions towards challenging behaviours were measured.  Perceived self-efficacy and thoughts about challenging behaviour were also measured.

The participants in this study were staff from intellectual disability services in the Southern Health Board Region (N=49).  Participants completed a postal questionnaire prior to and 3 months after attending the training course.  This questionnaire was adapted from Hastings and various authors (See Hastings & Brown 2002).

Findings indicated that training significantly increased staff’s perceived self-efficacy and reduced negative thoughts relating to incidents of challenging behaviour.  However, staff’s attributions about the causes of challenging behaviour did not change significantly following training nor did it reduce their negative emotional reactions to challenging behaviour.

Key Words:  Staff Training, Challenging Behaviour, Attributions, Perceived Self-Efficacy, Emotional Reactions, Thoughts/Worries
In Press:  Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, Special edition on Staff Training

Contact:  Edel Tierney, COPE Foundation  Telephone: 021 4507131 ext 3342

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