Early Intervention Family Support – Pilot Project

Author(s): Rees, D.; Burns, D.; Kirkpatrick, V.; Daly, M.; and Tierney, E.

Department: Psychology & Research Departments, COPE Foundation

Key Words: Intellectual disability, Early Intervention, Child and Family Centred Service

(29 Jul 2009)
The purpose of this pilot project was to investigate a more comprehensive service to children with an intellectual disability between the ages 0 – 6 using existing resources. This was achieved by promoting parental involvement in the overall assessment, plan and delivery of service.

Five families and four key workers from diverse professions participated in the one-year project. Key Workers undertook to develop a collaborative working relationship with the family based on understanding and shared purpose.  Key Workers facilitated collaboration between all persons from multiple disciplines and organisations involved in the care and education of the family.  All persons involved worked toward common goals formulated according to the needs of the child and his/her family.
Results of this pilot study are discussed.

Contact:  Edel Tierney, COPE Foundation  Telephone: 021 4507131 ext 3342

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