A Survey of Problem Behaviour Among the Client Population of COPE Foundation

Author(s): Desmond, M., Fitzgerald, M., Quinlan, D. Smith, M. & Tierney, E.

Department: Nursing, Psychology and Research Departments, COPE Foundation

Key Words: Problem Behaviour, Challenging Behaviour, Survey, Behaviour Checklist

(29 Jul 2009)
The focus of this study was the prevalence of problem behaviours presented by clients as perceived by staff. The entire client population of COPE Foundation was surveyed (N=1210). Problem behaviours were assessed using a research schedule developed by the research team. This questionnaire examined the presence and/or absence of 48 problematic or challenging behaviours and was completed by frontline staff who were most familiar with the client.

Results of the survey indicated that of the total client population, 59.9% (n=721) were reported to display at least one problem behaviour. The most frequently cited types of behaviour occurring among clients were reported to be psychological disturbance, pesters, wanders and argues.

Generally, findings concur with studies in the literature, but methodological issues make adequate comparisons difficult.

Contact:  Edel Tierney  Telephone:  021 4507131 ext 3342

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