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Over the past few months the National Federation has been working collaboratively with the other two national Disability Umbrella organisations, Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) and Not for Profit Business Association (NFPBA) in our discussions with the HSE regarding a revised Service Arrangement Template.  During this process legal advice was also sought from by Mason, Hayes & Curran Solicitors. The main points of contention identified during our engagement with Mason, Hayes & Curran were the basis of our discussion with the HSE.

The HSE have established a Service Arrangement Oversight and Development Forum and terms of references is being drafted.  The National Federation is represented on the Forum by Brian O’Donnell and Breda Crehan Roche.  While signing of the Service Arrangements documents remains at the discretion of individual Boards of organisations the National Federation is satisfied that the major points of contention which we identified have been addressed by the HSE, of course as in any complex Service Arrangements such as these, issues will emerge and we view the establishment of the Oversight and Development Forum as an important initiative through which any such issues will be satisfactorily addressed.  The true effectiveness and relevance of the Forum will only become evident when the lived experiences of member organisations in respect of issues are raised for ultimate resolution. 


HR / Finance Working Group (HSE Social Care / Umbrella Groups).

Dr. Cathal Morgan, Head of Operations – Disability Services, Social Care Division, re-established the HR / Finance Working Group (HSE Social Care / Umbrella Groups).  The National Federation nominees to this Working Group are as follows:

  •   John McHugo, Ability West &
  •   Michael Hennessy, Brothers of Charity Services
  •   Olive Leonard, Muiriosa Foundation &
  •   Pauline Brennan, Western Care Association
 NFVB Board Nominee
  •   Ms. Johanna Cooney, Brothers of Charity Services (Nominated by the Board of Directors - July, 2017)





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