The National Guiding Principles Group, under the auspices of the National Quality Improvement Office, HSE Disability Operations, has identified 8 guiding principles to assist organisations in developing and revising local policies and procedures.

Webinar 13th May 2022 was on 2 separate sets of Guiding Principles:

  1. Communication with Residents
  2. Provision of Information to Residents in residential services for people with disabilities.

Facilitated by: Nicole Lam, Guidance Development and Research Lead.

These Guiding Principles have been developed to support and assist organisations when  developing or revising local policies and procedures for these Schedule V policies.  The polices are:  Communication with Residents and Provision of Information to Residents.

This is the link to recording

Webinar -  31st March, 2022 - Provision of Personal  Intimate Care: Guiding Principles:  Schedule V no. 4 Health Care Act 2007, Regulations 2013 

Facilitated by: Marie Kehoe-O’Sullivan, National Disability Specialist, National Quality Improvement Team

Slides can be downloaded here.

Link to the recording of Provision of Personal Intimate Care Webinar .


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