Retirement in Menni Services: from Project to Programme

Author(s): Koornneef, E.

Department: St. John of God Hospitaller Services

Keywords: Retirement, Elderly, Menni Services

Reported: Frontline, 43, 9, P18

(29 Jul 2009)
In 1995 St John of God Menni Services identified a growing need among a number of people who avail of the service. The number of elderly people availing of the service had grown quite significantly as a result of an improved life expectancy and because many of these service users age prematurely. Especially in the Enterprise Centres, staff noticed that some service users began to ‘slow down’ and a number of them were unable to keep up with the work they used to enjoy and excel in. These people had two things in common: they were all between 50 and 62 years of age and they had all been with the service for more than twenty years. A number of months were spent discussing, reviewing and trying to bring some structure to the various alternative programmes that could assist these people. Eventually the pre-retirement project was launched in 1996. It builds on the strengths of the existing relationships and prepares the participants for their retirement. This article is an overview of its history, current developments and the future requirements.

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