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  • Launch of the Report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, 2009 Implementation Plan by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Mr. Barry Andrews, T.D. on 28th July 2009kl
  • The Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan, T.D., released today (16 July 2009) the Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes. The Group which has sat for six months was chaired by UCD Economist Mr. Colm McCarthy.  The Group’s mandate was to examine all current Exchequer spending across all Departments and agencies, to see where expenditure and staff savings might be made, as necessary in the current financial crisis. 
  • Annual Statement 2009  for Health Group of Votes, Department of Health and Children, June 2009 
  • Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Report (Ryan Report) - May 2009 - The Executive Summary of the report is available here.  Volumes 1 to V are available here.
    • Volumes I and II: The Investigation Committee Report on Institutions
    • Volume III: The Confidential Committee Report
    • Volume IV: The Department of Education; Finance; Society and the Schools; Development of Childcare Policy in Ireland since 1970; Report on Witnesses Attending for Interview; Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Volume V: The ISPCC, Expert Reports, Commission Personnel and Legislation 

  • Third Annual Report  of the Independent Monitoring Group for A Vision for Change - the Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy - April 2009
  • Transforming Public Services: Citizen Centred – Performance Focused
    Report of the Taskforce on the Public Service, November 2008
    This taskforce on the Public Service was set up to develop a plan to respond to the findings and recommendations contained in the OECD’s Report on the Irish Public Services which was published in April 2008. The Transforming Public Services report, published in February 2009, recommends a range of initiatives e.g. deepening citizen engagement, sharing services, strengthening governance, motivating performance etc.  It sets out a three year framework which the Government has agreed to implement, outlining specific actions over set timescales.  Both the OECD report and the Transforming Public Services reports are available on


  • HSE National Service Plan 2009 
  • National Strategy for Service User Involvement in the Irish Health Service 2008-2013
    The service user should be central to their own care and to the design and delivery of health and personal social services. This will result in more appropriate services of a higher quality with increased service user compliance and satisfaction. This strategy will build on the existing work undertaken and documented on service user involvement in health. This strategy has been developed to ensure a systematic and consistent approach to service user involvement across the health and social services. It will build upon the current good practice in involving service users across the country. The strategy has the support of the Minister for Health and Children and the board and the Chief Executive officer of the Health Service Executive (HSE) and it represents a significant step forward in developing strong service user involvement in health in Ireland. The strategy comprises a statement of principles and specific goals together with relevant actions. 
  • 2nd Report of the Independent Monitoring Group on A Vision For Change - Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy (2008) 
  • HSE Report  to the Minister for Equality, Disability And Mental Health as Provided for under Section 13 of the Disability Act 2005
  • Report of the National Health Consultative Forum 2008 , Radisson Hotel, Galway, April 10, 2008
    The National Health Consultative Forum was convened by the Minister under Part 8 of The Health Act, 2004. This was the second National Health Consultative to be convened under the Act, to advise the Minister on matters relating to the provision of health and personal social services.   The theme for the 2008 Forum, which was chaired by Dr. John Bowman was: Best practice in change programmes having particular regard to the move from hospital to community based health services, incorporating current thinking on innovative practices and flexible working ways.


  • Sectoral Plan under the Disability Act 2005 - Year 1 Review - Department of Health and Children (published November 2007)
    Review of the Department of Health and Children’s Sectoral Plan in respect of disability and mental health services.  This is the first in a series of three reviews. 
  • Report of the 2006 National Health Consultative Forum (published April 2007)
    This was the first National Consultative Forum to be convened under Part 8 of the Health Act, 2004, which provides for Public Representation and User Participation.  In the region of 350 Forum members were appointed under Ministerial Order including representatives from senior management, service providers, voluntary and professional bodies, patient and client groups, trade unions and other Government Departments.  Brian O'Donnell represented the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies.  The theme for the 2006 Forum, which was chaired by Dr. John Bowman, was:  How can we achieve a collaborative partnership between policy makers, providers, users and local communities? What can we learn from other sectors? 
  • Report of the Taskforce on Active Citizenship , March 2007
    The Taoiseach established the Taskforce in April 2006 to advise the Government on policy measures which could be undertaken to support, encourage and promote citizenship in a changing Ireland.  Extensive consultations were held across a wide-range of representative organisations, interest groups, and the general public.  The taskforce has addressed its recommendations to Government: to individuals; to community and voluntary organisations, the business sector and the media as to how they can themselves contribute to promoting Active Citizenship.  Recommendations to Government focus on: Participation in the Democratic Process; The Public Service and Citizens; Community Engagement, and Promoting a Sense of Community; Education for Citizenship and Ethnic and Cultural Diversity and the Challenge of Engaging Newcomers.  The Government is establishing an Active Citizenship Office to oversee implementation the Taskforce’s recommendations.  Further information on the work of the taskforce is available at
  • Health Service Executive (HSE) National Service Plan 2007
  • National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007 - 2016, February 2007
    Pages: 103, File Size: 1.46 MB
    This National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion), complemented by the social inclusion elements of the National Development Plan 2007-2013: Transforming Ireland – A Better Quality of Life for All, sets out how the social inclusion strategy will be achieved over the period 2007-2016. The Office for Social Inclusion (OSI) has responsibility for the development, monitoring and implementation of this Plan. The key element in this social inclusion monitoring and evaluation process will be the preparation by OSI, of the annual Social Inclusion Report which will review progress against targets on an annual basis, identify any new issues arising which might benefit from a more co-ordinated approach and report on stakeholders’ views emerging from various fora. 
  • National Development Plan for 2007-2013 - Transforming Ireland - A Better Quality of Life for All, January 2007 - (1)  Executive Summary    (2)  Full Document
    The €184 billion National Development Plan 2007-2013 builds on the significant social and economic achievements of the NDP/CSF (2000-2006) and provides €54.6 billion for investment in economic infrastructure; €49.6 billion for social inclusion measures (children, people with disabilities, etc.); €33.6 billion for social infrastructure (housing, health, justice, etc.); €25.8 billion for human capital (schools, training, higher education, etc.), and €20 billion for enterprise, science and innovation. 
  • HSE Transformation Programme 2007-2010, January 2007
    This document is for all staff who work for the Health Service Executive (HSE) and related agencies. It outlines the HSE’s Transformation Programme 2007-2010. 


  • Sectoral Plans under the Disability Act 2005, December 2006
    This suite of sectoral plans sets out the programme of measures to be taken by each of the Ministers' Departments and public bodies under their aegis designed to provide services to people with disabilities, and are a crucial element of the Government's National Disability Strategy.
    • Communications, Marine & Natural Resources - download here
    • Enterprise, Trade and Employment - download here
    • Environment, Heritage & Local Government - download here
    • Health & Children - download here
    • Social & Family Affairs - download here
    • Transport - download here
  • Taskforce on Active Citizenship - Report on Consultation Process, December 2006
    The Taskforce on Active Citizenship published a report on the findings of the consultation process it has undertaken over recent months.  The independent consultant’s report provides an outline of the views submitted by over 1,150 individuals and organisations on active citizenship and what it means in 21st century Ireland.  It also reflects issues raised around the country at seven regional consultation seminars undertaken by the Taskforce during September and October 2006. 
  • Report on Child Protection , Houses of the Oireachtas: Joint Committee on Child Protection, November 2006
    The Committee examined the fall out from the Supreme Court decision in the “CC” case and reported back to the Oireachtas on what changes are required to the Criminal Law or Constitution to afford greater protection to children in sexual offences.   The issue of consent was also addressed by the Committee. 
  • Towards Better Health :  Achieving a Step Change in Health Research in Ireland - The National Policy and Advisory Board for Enterprise, Trade, Science, Technology and Innovation, November 2006
    As part of its work programme for 2006, the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation has examined the area of health-related research.  This review is the outcome of a rigorous consultation and review process that concentrated on establishing how Ireland's considerable potential for health research might be realised.  The report includes a number of recommendations on how the challenges facing the health research sector might be met by policy makers, implementation bodies, hospitals, universities, and enterprise. 
  • Towards 2016 : Ten-Year Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006 - 2015, Department of the Taoiseach, June 2006 
    Towards 2016 offers an important and strategic framework for meeting the economic and social challenges ahead.  Each of the previous social partnership agreements has had a particular focus and has contained significant innovations.  In this respect Towards 2016 develops a new framework to address key social challenges, which the individual faces at each stage of life.  This means a focus on the needs of children, young adults, people of working age, older people and people with disabilities. 
  • Value for Money Report No. 52 - Provision of Disability Services by Non-Profit Organisations - Public Accounts Committee Meeting - June 2006 and VFM Report 52: Provision of Disability Services by Nonprofit Organisations - Comptroller & Auditor General Report - December 2005 
  • A Vision for Change - Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy, January 2006
    This Report  sets out a comprehensive policy framework for mental health services in Ireland for the next 7-10 years.  Chapter 14 (page 124 to 134) refers to Mental Health Services for People with Intellectual Disability. 
  • Quality and Fairness (Health Strategy, 2006) 
  • Vision for Change (2006)

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Details of relevant Government Legislation are available here.
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