A comparative investigation into the factors that impact or influence the care which caregivers provide in the disability sector in Ireland and Alaska

(01 Sep 2011)

The reasoning for this research is that caregivers appear to be the forgotten people when it comes to assessing if they are content in their area of work.  Caregivers have an important role in caring for an individual and if they are not content in their work then this could be a problem.  Therefore the purpose of this study was to assess if different factors impact or influence the care which caregivers provide in the disability sector in Ireland and Alaska.

The study population was caregivers (paid employees and volunteers) from two organisations, Brothers of Charity, Ireland (n=24) and Hope Community Resources, Alaska (n=22).  A self-designed questionnaire containing qualitative and quantitative sections was used in the collection of research data.  This data was then analysed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 17.0 and also thematic content analysis.

From analysis of the results, this study highlighted that participants from Brothers of Charity and from Hope Community Resources share similar opinions about factors which affect the care they provide, and also differ.  In relation to the qualitative data, participants from Brothers of Charity were not as expressive in their own opinions as were their counterparts from Hope Community Resources.  However, responses highlighted similar themes which suggested factors did affect the care which participants provide.

To conclude it can be said that certain factors can have an effect on the care of caregivers and that similarities exist between caregivers from Ireland and Alaska.

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